We revolutionized an established, conservative charity. Shaping its reputation as a leading Cause Brand through a digital, peer-to-peer fundraising platform, which also acts as a vehicle for curating user generated storytelling to create the ultimate form of PR: A community of real people advocating on behalf of the brand.


Production, Strategy, Design, Digital Development

The Challenge

Ronald McDonald House Charities had a rich history of keeping families close in times of need however had fallen behind creating a digital presence which reflected their commitment, history and ingenuity. The Antarctic and N/A teams largest challenge was figuring out the best way to harness the immense brand weight of not only Ronald McDonald House Charities but also McDonald’s corporate.

Our Approach

After a thorough research study, we discovered that each Ronald Mcdonald House had an untapped advocate base who deeply wanted to give back to the house that had supported them when their child was sick. Based on this research we developed a grassroots approach that would easily allow the house advocates to give back from anywhere in the world by being able to start their own fundraiser.

In addition, Make Fun Matter, was engineered as an campaign that the McDonald Restaurants could promote within their yearly marketing calendar and raise the awareness of Ronald McDonald House Charities mission of keeping families close.

The Product

Make Fun Matter is an integrated crowdfunding platform custom built for Ronald Mcdonald House Charities Canada.

The Results

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